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Arlo designed or manufactured the premium security cameras with  irreproachable spying quality. Arlo cameras possess cutting-edge technology and elegant components; that increase its appearance after Arlo Setup. Moreover, these  Arlo valuable qualities provide the potential to record videos in High-Definition (HD) quality. It also features 2-way audio, live streaming, cloud recording with alerts, timely Arlo Firmware Update and other amazing features. Also, installing Arlo cameras in your house and office will help you ensure security and theft prevention from all angles. Furthermore, Arlo’s night vision recording quality makes it extraordinary; as it works the same the way it works in day time. 

In the correct order to access Arlo camera wirelessly, start by inserting the battery into the Arlo camera and then follow the downward steps:

How To Set Up an Arlo Security Camera?

Here, for making it easy to understand, the Arlo setup has been divided into four parts. Accordingly, follow the parts in the right order to successfully finish the Arlo Setup.

Arlo Base Station Setup

When it comes to describing Arlo Base Station, well it is the unit that connects the home network to Arlo security cameras. Adding on, the Arlo camera won’t work if you do not use that unit. So ensure that you install Arlo Base Station by using its website via Arlo Login account to carry out a successfully accomplished Arlo setup.

Steps for Installing Arlo Base Station

  • Firstly, connect Arlo Base Station  to your router by using an Ethernet cable. 
  • Secondly, plugin the power cord to the power port of Arlo Base Station and plugin its other end to the switch board. Then, turn on the switch to power on the Arlo Base Station. 
  • Third, press the on/off button; which is placed on your Arlo Base Station. 
  • Fourth, you have to wait until the power & internet LED light turns green. 
  • Finally, when the both LEDs turn green; that means your Base Station is set up.
Steps for Installing Arlo Base Station

Set Up and Sync Arlo cameras

Arlo Camera Setup

  1. In the first step, the process of Arlo Setup begins with unlocking the battery compartment of the Arlo camera; for doing this press and hold the latch and open the compartment by pulling it back. 
  2. In the second step, place both two batteries at the back of the camera with the other two batteries close to the compartment hinge. Once you have done, shut the battery compartment. 
  3. In the final step, you will get the cameras all set to be synced.

Syncing Arlo Wireless Cameras

  1. Firstly, the whole procedure starts with placing Arlo Base station and Arlo Camera in proximity, around 100 cm from each other. 
  2. Secondly,  press the ‘Sync’ button for a few seconds, which is located at the side of Arlo Base Station. But remember, not to press the sync button for too long; as it will result in the USB LED to blink amber, and this indicates the blocking of syncing of cameras. 
  3. Third, it is necessary to wait until you see a green light on the sync status LED. 
  4. Fourth, you will see a ‘sync’ button on the camera, so here you need to press it for a while.  
  5. Next, as a confirmation of the syncing process, you will see a blue LED blinking on the camera. Suppose, if the LED blinks amber, that means the sync is unsuccessful and therefore you have to repeat the process. 
  6. Afterwards, you will see a solid green light on the camera LED on the Arlo Base station; which shows the completion of the sync process. 
  7. Finally, you can apply the same process on the other cameras.

Notably, Suppose the Arlo camera doesn’t sync with Base Station and also doesn’t complete within a minute. Then, it is necessary to press the sync button located on the Arlo Base Station and restart the entire process again. And when you complete the Arlo setup then you can start by registering on its website by using your arlo login account. Furthermore, enjoy the Arlo camera features after getting access to your Arlo login account.