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Arlo Pro Setup – A Quick Start Guide

The Arlo Pro would undoubtedly win your heart if you tried to think of another security camera that is completely wire-free and has IP65 certification for weather resistance. Furthermore, rechargeable batteries and two-way audio compatibility are also included with the camera. Also, the Arlo Pro is now a popular option for users in the US. 

Moreover, the setup process can help to ensure flawless recording, performance, and security if you recently upgraded to a new Arlo Pro Setup. You can follow the simple instructions to set up your new Arlo Pro cameras. Through the “Arlo Login app,” a user may immediately take complete control of what is happening. Therefore, all connected Arlo devices receive automatic firmware updates.

Connecting Base Station to the Internet for Arlo Pro setup

  • By using an ethernet cable, connect the base station to the wifi router.
  • Then, connect the LAN cable to your base station device’s ethernet connector on one end and the LAN port on your router on the other end. 
  • Here, your base station should be connected to the AC adapter, which you should then put into a power outlet at home. Activate the power source.
  • After that, press the ON/OFF button to turn it on, on your Base station.
  • Give the base station’s front Power and Internet LEDs around two minutes to glow green.

Signing up for an Arlo Account for Arlo Pro Setup

Using the Arlo App or the login page, you’ll have to create an Arlo account. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the Arlo app, then select the “New to Arlo?” link. Choose Arlo Wire-Free from the list, then set up your account.
  • Now, fill in the form with the essential information, then click the “Create Account” button.
  • Also, verify your account by clicking the verification link given to the email address you provided when you registered.

Add your Arlo Pro Camera

  • Firstly, on your smartphone, open the Arlo App. can also be used to log into the Arlo app.
  • Next, select the Arlo Wire-Free from the list by tapping the Add Device icon on the app. 
  • Further, the app will now try to identify your camera if you select Arlo Pro. Ensure that the camera is turned on.
  • Now, from the menu, you can choose your base station’s serial number.
  • Then, from the menu, select the time zone and press Continue.
  • Here, complete the necessary fields for the account setup and click on Continue again.
  • The Arlo account has now been updated with your Arlo Pro device.

Sync your Camera with the Base Station

  • A minimum of one to three feet should separate the camera from the base station.
  • On the base station, press and hold the Sync button for roughly 2 seconds before releasing it.
  • Check the Sync Status LED for its green turn. 
  • When it happens, hold down the camera’s Sync button for around 2 seconds before releasing it. To verify sync, the camera’s LED will now turn blue and blink quickly.

Mounting your Arlo Pro

  • When ready, you can use screws to attach your camera to a wall or set it down on a shelf or other flat surface.
  • Ensure the place where you install your camera is within your wireless network’s good signal range. You may learn more about the signal strength that the camera can receive via the Arlo app.

Charge your Arlo Pro's Battery

Even if your battery were installed outdoors, you would still need to recharge it inside. To charge the same, follow these instructions.:

  • Connect the camera to the power adapter cord. Turn on the power supply after plugging the adaptor into the outlet.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the camera LED turns solid blue.

The Arlo Setup is now complete.


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