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Arlo Subscriptions: How They Work?

What’s the best security camera? The simple answer to that would be Arlo. Arlo manufactures one of the top indoor and outdoor security cameras. Furthermore, their camera devices are packed with features and enhanced protection capabilities. However, any user would require Arlo Subscriptions to access those devices completely. 

Generally, users would know about the best Arlo cameras and features that come free with them. But maximizing your device with its full potential is known to lesser when it comes to Arlo. Therefore, let’s today discover more about the Arlo Subscriptions and how they can assist you in completing the Arlo Setup.

Plans at Arlo

There are only two significant plans, namely, Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus. Furthermore, both of them have similar add-ons, with Secure Plus having a couple of additional features. But it’s not always simple to figure out precisely what those add-ons are or what they do. Thus, it may confuse the users if they do opt for a membership. Especially if you don’t have a lot of computer knowledge, those terms might look like jargon. That is precisely what you can overcome with this post. Reading this will give you clarity on what to choose.

What does Arlo Secure do?

Arlo Secure is primarily designed to be used with Arlo cameras instead of other Arlo devices. Furthermore, it segregates into two parts; one camera plan and an unlimited camera plan. You’ll discover the pricing in the coming points. Moreover, Arlo Secure gets 30 days’ worth of video event history. This includes “Person,” “Package,” “Vehicle,” and “Animal” detection, as well as motion-based notifications.

Additionally, animated previews of the thumbnails will appear in your alerts. However, you would have to set up these factors in the My Arlo App for instant access, updates, and modifications. Thus, create an Arlo login account in the app itself for the whole setup.

Note: If you choose not to buy any Arlo subscriptions, you can still easily set up your device with the required hardware and Arlo Login.  

With a plan, detection also includes CO2 and smoke alarms. Plus, it incorporates the capacity to designate activity zones. Additionally, you may use the system to call a friend, get priority help, and save up to 10% on your subscription by using the Arlo website. Apart from all the features, you can get a discount on further Arlo product shopping from the website with a subscription. Moreover, all these characteristics are available in Arlo subscriptions of Secure Plus. 

However, the two main distinctions between the two strategies slightly set them apart. In particular, Arlo Secure Plus expands your capacity to immediately contact local or E911 emergency response agencies. And whereas the extra version offers up to 4K videos, Arlo Secure only supports up to 2K videos.

On the other hand, the CVR (Continuous Video Recording) add-on service charges extra for continuous video recording. Depending on how many days of nonstop footage you need at once, that charge changes. But you can get this additional service on any subscription. However, after meeting the set limit, the oldest video will be deleted for new videos to get the place.

Arlo Secure Pricing

Up to 2K footage is provided by the “Arlo Secure” package level. Thirty days’ worth of event history recordings is included in that 2K video. For the same time period, Arlo Secure Plus provides up to 4K footage and adds the previously mentioned Emergency Services capability. Since those are the primary distinctions, all other features present in those blueprints are identical.

Furthermore, pricing is another distinction. For about $2.99, you can purchase Arlo Secure for a single camera. Alternatively, pay $9.99 for unlimited cameras every month. For $14.99, the Arlo Secure Plus package bundles unlimited cameras with the distinctions mentioned above monthly. Additionally, for those that desire more video, there is Arlo CVR (Continuous Video Recording.), which costs an extra $9.99 or $19.99 for recordings that last for 30 days.

What do you get without a plan?

Arlo security cameras are a component security system even without an Arlo Secure plan. At the very least, it might be if you examine your cameras promptly. Having no plan won’t help your smart home ecosystem or home automation system to pair with the device. Thus, limiting your usage in more convenient ways.  

Furthermore, having no plan eliminates all features except for a few. For instance, motion notifications will still be sent to you. Without a plan, Arlo won’t confirm whether or not that object is a package, human, animal, or something else, but you’ll get the alerts. Additionally, you will be able to stream media. However, you won’t be able to watch a video history of what happened.

Moreover, few hardware-specific functions are still operational. So, for instance, you could activate two-way voice to inform an intruder that they are being recorded. Plus, the night vision works perfectly. But as soon as you see a notification, you’d need to check your cameras. You must do that if you want to see what is happening for yourself.

Do you really need Arlo Subscriptions?

Arlo provides new devices with three months of its basic Arlo Secure package for free. This implies that you can observe what is happening when you purchase a new Arlo camera. Henceforth, you can experience the benefits before subscribing and know precisely what kind of security plan you require. Whether it goes beyond the bare minimum in terms of security. Any individual will have different needs.

Technically, a subscription is practically necessary if you want anything more than the most basic functionality with Arlo. Furthermore, a free plan won’t do anything significant for those who consider security a genuine concern. Without a plan, as previously mentioned, you essentially lose all features. Moreover, if something goes wrong, the ability to record the sequence of events and past recordings will disappear.

So there’s no evidence remaining if things go wrong and you didn’t catch it in time to attempt a screen recording or some other means to record events. The best value, of course, would be the second tier of the Arlo Secure plan. Costing just $10 per month, all you’d lose is the ability to call emergency services from notifications and the app. And the support for 4K footage.


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