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Arlo Video Doorbell Review

Technology today is making our everyday lives coherent and trouble-free. From smartphones to home automation, we have it all now. However, complete home automation is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Although, there are a few things you can do to convert your domain into an intelligent residence. Such as video doorbells, smart tv, and intelligent appliances. Anyhow, you will find thousands of smart tv and appliances options in the market. But what about a video doorbell? A smart video doorbell is a multi-efficient tool to invest in. And Arlo Video Doorbell is our recommendation for you all. 

Arlo Video Doorbell is probably the best video doorbell, without a doubt. However, it is a little more pricey than the standard video doorbells. It offers a higher resolution and more innovative features comparatively. With Arlo, you can save money on your home insurance and have evidence for crises. Moreover,  you can receive contactless package deliveries and know who is at your door (even when you’re not home). Please look for yourself in this review blog if you don’t trust us.  

Arlo Video Doorbell – Price and Design

The Arlo Video Doorbell became the exceptional choice for smart households in 2019. It is available for purchase at $149.99 / £179.99/ AU$289.99. But you can often find it for under $100 / £125 / AU$200 during occasional discounts. It comes with a sleek design that adds more to the overall aesthetics. The smart doorbell has a pill shape with a white rim and a fluorescent black face. Furthermore, you can opt for a black rim option. In addition, the Arlo Video Doorbell is easy to set up.  As it requires an existing wired doorbell and chime configuration with electrical wiring. Therefore, you can wire the Arlo Video Doorbell into our home after purchasing it. It’s not space-consuming as the dimensions are 5.0 x 1.7 x 1.0 inches (H x W x D).

Features of Arlo Video Doorbell


The never-ending battery is a promising prospect of the Arlo Video Doorbell. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying. Highlighting the video quality, it can shoot a maximum resolution of 1536 by 1536 pixels, resulting in a crystal-clear image. In addition, the camera has a built-in HDR, which assists with outside lighting. Otherwise, it could cause discoloration or incorrect visuals. The 1:1 aspect ratio of the intelligent doorbell enables the clarity of vast vertical areas. Thus, without extra effort, you can see your guests’ faces and any packages at the door. With a 180-degree field of vision and the option to digitally zoom in 12 times, what’s more, do you want.


Two-way audio for a speaker and microphone is significant for any video doorbell. So, we could talk to anyone in front of our doorbell camera. Arlo Video Doorbell has a proficient two-way audio system, providing a clear voice. However, the features don’t end there. It has a recording program for you to leave pre-recorded notes for visitors and the other way around. It is similar to an answering machine at our front door. The pre-recorded greeting gives a personal welcoming touch to all the visitors.

Night Vision

What good is a video doorbell if it doesn’t have night vision? The Arlo Video Doorbell comes with infrared LED sensors, keeping you away from the night apprehensiveness. This feature is handy in winter months when the sun sets earlier, but you still tend to get a lot of visitors. Infrared night vision is preferable for better visibility at night. Also, it makes the camera much less noticeable than the bright white spotlight that color night vision requires.

APP & Storage

Arlo App is the master control of the smart doorbell. You can check settings, speak through two-way audio, and access cloud storage with the Arlo app. Furthermore, you can turn the camera on and off, record messages, listen to visitor records, and live stream footage using the app. However, the live feed lags for three to five seconds, which is a minor setback. Arlo offers a week of free cloud storage. Furthermore, you can upgrade to an Arlo Smart plan for more cloud storage, which starts at around $3 per month. In addition, you have the options for Arlo Smart plans, providing free person detection as part of the video doorbell.

Final Verdict

You can invest in the Arlo Video Doorbell as you get high-definition video. This doorbell is undoubtedly the way to go if you’re looking for a video doorbell that offers the highest video quality available without the price tag associated with a 4K camera. Although $149 may appear to be a high price for a video doorbell, it has abundant features. On top of that, smart integration like Alexa connectivity makes it a piece of excellent equipment. Arlo Smart offers human detection and 30 days of cloud storage. All things considered, it is an intelligent choice without a doubt. 

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