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How Can My Arlo Cameras Detect Motion?

When it comes to the best security devices for smart homes, Arlo is the first thing that strikes everybody. Furthermore, Arlo cameras have been a significant part of many lives and homes since their inception. Moreover, Arlo was one of the pioneering names to launch battery-operated security cameras in 2014. Arlo cameras come with a slew of great features and its years of expertise are evident in its most recent offerings. In addition to several hi-tech features, Arlo cameras detect motion as well.   

Motion detection helps you with better recording and improved surveillance. Furthermore, when Arlo cameras detect motion, it is through the software-based camera motion detection. Therefore, if you want to monitor package delivery, look in on your pet, or welcome the kids home from school, Arlo’s security cameras and its motion detection are something you must opt for.

Indoor Arlo Cameras Detect Motion

Arlo cameras can find motion. Nevertheless, depending on the camera you own, this feature functions in a different way. Changes in the video frame are analyzed by wired and indoor Arlo cameras like the Essential Indoor, Q, Q Plus, and Baby Cameras. Furthermore, motion detection warnings and automated video recording are initiated when such a change is discovered. You can always change the motion sensitivity range from low to high.

Moreover, there are nine different motion sensitivity settings. Also, you can choose up to three activity zones. You can use activity zones to direct the camera’s motion detection to a particular location in order to take pictures or record videos.

Indoor Arlo Cameras Detect Motion

The video doorbell cameras, such as the Arlo Ultra, Essential Wire-Free, Arlo Go, and Essential Video doorbell series, send out notifications when they identify an object that is warmer than the surrounding area. Furthermore, Arlo cameras employ IR technology for these identification capabilities. Once more, you can adjust the motion sensitivity level between low and high. When an object is detected by infrared technology warmer than its surroundings, the Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Essential wire-free, Video Doorbell, Pro 2, Pro, Go, and Wire-Free systems activate. Moving side to side across the motion sensor’s field of view is more perceptible than moving in front of or behind the camera. The motion sensitivity settings are one (low sensitivity) and 100 (high sensitivity). Although, it is essential to have an Arlo Login account to access the motion sensitivity setting. Apart from that, to perform the Arlo Setup for cameras and Arlo Base Station.


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