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How to Charge Arlo Camera

How to Charge Arlo Camera

The Arlo cameras work as a security weapon to protect and safeguard your home and office space. Apart from its safeguarding features, it also contains other features accessible via your Arlo login account. And a few of them include two-way audio mode, wide-angle view, HD night-vision, cloud storage, motion sensor, waterproofing, remote access, etc. But at the same time, operating an Arlo login camera is not a cup of tea; creating and logging into your Arlo login account is equally relevant via 


Consequently, it would help if you started your journey by creating your Arlo login and ending it with an Arlo setup. Furthermore, learning about the Arlo base station setup via is essential as it is essential in the Arlo Pro setup process. Hence, to understand each step, including the Arlo camera charging criteria descriptively, follow the downward information. 

First: Create an Arlo Login Account

Second: Arlo Base Station setup

How to Charge an Arlo Camera?

Use the USB charging cable to charge your Arlo camera, Arlo spotlight camera, and Arlo essential XL spotlight camera indoors. On the other hand, to charge the Arlo outdoor cameras, either use the VMA3600 essential solar panel or the VMA3700 essential outdoor charging cable. Before you start, there’s no option to remove the batteries in the Essential spotlight camera, Arlo essential camera, and Essential XL spotlight camera. Moreover, the downward information to charge an Arlo login camera is divided into two methods, first USB charging and second Solar Panel charging. 

You can Follow your Required one to Complete your Arlo Setup Process.
USB Charging
1. USB Charging

Remember, the USB charging cable you got in the box, and your camera are for Indoor use only. At the same time, to charge your Arlo camera via the charging cable, you need to dismount it and bring it indoors. Also, connect the charging cable to a 5V, 2A power adapter while proceeding. Avoid using power adapters less than 2A as it takes more time to charge the camera. Now, follow the downward steps to charge your Arlo camera using the above indoor USB charging cable. 


  • Start by removing your Essential wire-free camera from the mount by unscrewing it from the mount. 
  • Next, you must bring your Arlo camera indoors or indoors. 
  • Afterward, pull the flap at the bottom of the camera to open the USB charging port. 
  • Lastly, end the process by inserting the USB charging cable into your Arlo camera. 

Notably, the charging cables as mentioned above cables are not meant for outdoor use; you can only use them indoors. However, to charge your Arlo login cameras, use the VMA3700 Essential Outdoor Charging cable or the VMA3600 Essential Solar Panel. Specifically, buying the VMA3700 Essential Outdoor Charging Cable is quite beneficial as it has water-resistant and consistent camera charging ability. 

2. Solar Panel Charging  

When it comes to charging Arlo cameras outdoors, nothing can work best except using the VMA3600 Essential Solar Panel. Besides, this VMA3600 Essential Solar Panel helps keep your battery charged via direct sunlight. Moreover, you will find it very easy to install it anywhere, as they are weather resistant, come with 8-foot power cables, and are adjustable.  


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