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Which Arlo Cameras and Video Doorbells Work with Google Home?

There’s nothing new in being concerned about your home security, as the hike of thieves and crime rates are rising. And here, nothing can work best except installing the Arlo Cameras & Arlo video doorbell and setting it up through your Arlo Login account. But what if you can connect your Arlo camera and video doorbell with the Google Home app? Yes, this sounds amazing, as Google is the most convenient and user-friendly platform. 

Most relevantly, Arlo does not have a smart home platform of its own, that’s why it possesses the compatibility to connect with assistants like the Google Home app and Alexa. Moreover, adding Arlo products to your existing Google ecosystem is easy, as Arlo smoothly works with the Google Home app. And to make it possible, you have to initially add your Arlo camera and video doorbell devices to the Google Home app and integrate them into your system. On the other hand, to know the rest of the steps descriptively, follow the below-given information. 

Furthermore, there are only certain Arlo camera models you will find compatible with the Google Home app. And these are the Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Security Light. But, surprisingly, you might find all of the Arlo Video Doorbells compatible with the Google Home app. Adding on, connectivity or compatibility is not just restricted to the Google Home app; you can even connect to Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Hub. Remember, using the Arlo login account while processing will help you the best. You can even customize or configure its settings via your Arlo login account.

How to connect Arlo Cameras to Google Home?

Before you start, ensure to download the Google Home app on your device or system. Moreover, installing the Arlo app and setting up Google Assistant on your smartphone is also necessary. Now, follow the downward steps to learn how to connect your Arlo camera with the Google Home app: 

  • Start by opening the Google Home app on your device. And then, click on the plus ‘+’ icon. 
  • Next, you need to select the ‘Set Up Device’ option. After that, click on the ‘Have something already set up option.
  • After that, it will show you a list where you must select Arlo.  
  • Now, you need to login into your Arlo login account via the Google Home app. And also, you need to give significant permissions. Consequently, doing so will prompt Google to synchronize all devices.  
  • Further, a list will pop up, in which you need to select the device you want to set up. Plus, it is required to edit the name as well.
  • Afterward, follow the instructions followed by the Google Home app. 
  • And that’s how you can complete the process. Last, it will allow you to view the feed from the Arlo camera. Plus, controlling the devices with voice commands.

How to Connect Arlo Video Doorbell to Google Home?

Basically, it is a straightforward and simple process to connect your Arlo Video Doorbell to Google Home, just like an Arlo camera. And to do this, initially, you need to set up your Arlo Video Doorbell via the Arlo app. And also registering your Arlo device is necessary as well. Moreover, it is required to do, as Google Assistant will ask for your Arlo account login information from the downloaded Arlo app on your smart device while processing. Furthermore, following the downward steps enables your Arlo Video Doorbell working with your Google Home. 

  • Begin by selecting the Google Home app on your smartphone or device. And then select the Add+ option. 
  • Next, Select the ‘Set Up Device’ option to proceed further. 
  • Now, once you finish, select the ‘Works With Google’ option. 
  • Remember, having an already installed Arlo app on your smartphone or device is necessary. It is so because having it will help Google launch the app to verify your Arlo login information automatically. Moreover, you can input your login information when they are prompted. 
  • Afterward, you need to choose your Arlo Video Doorbell and name it with your desired command. Plus, using it as the command word for the Google Home app enables you to access the device. Adding on, you can name it whatever you want, such as “Doorbell,” the promising one. 
  • Further, add your Doorbell to a Group to proceed further. And once you set up, Google will launch the live video function on your Video Doorbells in the Google Home app. 
  • And that’s how you can successfully connect your Arlo Video Doorbell with the Google Home app. Keep in mind, before you start proceeding, having an Arlo login account is essential, but if you don’t have one, create one via its official website. Doing so enables you to change the settings of your Arlo camera and Video Doorbell as per your preferences.

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